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At home lash lift Take Aways!!

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Hey loves!! This is the follow up to my newest video that you can find HERE. I wanted to talk through what I would have done differently and the day after results. Also I will be updating this post to let you guys know how long it lasts!

  1. I would have cut the pads to make them fit on my eyes better. This why the curl would have been better and more even

  2. I would continue to use the small silicon pad because I feel for my eye shape and how hooded I am them being a longer curl looks better


The results are still taking effect, which is great. It doesnโ€™t seem like me applying water so quickly after the perm solution really made a difference. I didnโ€™t have to curl my lashes today with a lash curler. I donโ€™t see any damage from the solution on my lashes as well. xo

Full 2018 PM Skincare Routine for 7 nights!!

Hey loves!! Here is my current PM routine for 7 nights. This post goes with my current video which you can find HERE!

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Monday, Wednesday & Friday: These are in the order I suggest, but I want to make sure you guys understand that it might not be the same for you. Reason being that it depends on the type of serum you are using. Here is a video that will help you know how to layer your serums HERE or HERE

Step 1: Double Cleanse with your oil cleanser and then a regular cleanser

Step 2: Essence (I always use my essence 2-3 layer or skins) or your wipe on AHA/BHA

Step 3: AHA/BHA SERUM or Essence

Step 4: Peptide & Epidermal Growth Factor Serum

Step 5: Hyaluronic acid

Step 6: Hydrating Sheet Mask

Step 7: Moisturizer (or Moisturizer & oil mixed together)

Step 8: Water Pack Sleeping Mask

Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday:

Step 1: Double Cleanse with your oil cleanser and then a regular cleanser

Step 2: Hydrating and skin feeding wash off mask

Step 3: Essence (I always use my essence 2-3 layer or skins)


Step 4: Peptide & Epidermal Growth Factor Serum

Step 5: Retinol serum

Step 6: Cacay Oil Mixed with moisturizer (or no oil if you choose or just oil, depends on your skin)

Step 7: Sleeping mask is optional - depends on how your skin is feeling

Retin-A โ€”โ€”โ€”โ€”โ€”โ€”โ€”

Step 4: Retin-A or similar prescription strength product AFTER YOUR SKIN IS FULL DRY FROM THE ESSENCE

Step 5: Optional Peptide & Epidermal Growth Factor Serum, Hyaluronic acid AFTER YOU HAVE LET YOUR RETIN-A FULLY SINK IN, ABOUT 20-3O MIN

Step 6: Cacay Oil - You can use moisturizer if you really feel you need it, I sometimes do this, but most often I donโ€™t


Free day to either take a break and be really gentle with your skin, so a lot of hydrations and calming products. OR

This video: Depends on how your skin is feeling or how long you have been using products that I have listed above

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Get the Look! with Holland Roden for Maneaddicts

Hey guys! So I got a request on the products we used for this look. Here is a breakdown of what I used

Click the name of the product to check them out!!

Foundation: Armani Illuminating foundation

Brows: Tarte Brow pencil

Lip: Laura Mercier Lip stain in Sugar Violet

Eyes: Now this is a combination of a ton of shadows, but if you are trying to do this yourself start out with Painterly pain pot by MAC all over the lid. I put Moonlight cream shadow by Jouer in the corner of the eye. Sweep the pink shade in Dior's Pallate 566 Versailles all over the lid minus the corner. Define the crease first with the matte taupe color in TARTE's Showstopper Clay Palette then define it again with the shimmery eggplant color in the same palette. Bring those two colors down along the lower lash line. Rim the water line on top and bottom. Several coats of mascara  and you are done!!

Cheeks: I contoured with her foundation in a darker color and Becca Cosmetics pressed highlighter in Pearl on the tops of her cheeks.

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Let's talk about brows baby

Now a days with instagram and other social media there is a trend of exaggerated brows. Now those might be good for the few, they don't really work for girls that want to look more natural. The trend is moving to a more framed looked instead of the brows being such a strong feature. When you fill your brows in they are the perfect frame for your face and can really add a more youthful appearance. Today I am going to share with you my favorite products I use for myself and clients and a few tips to get you on your way!

These are some of my favorite products I use. Now there are different brands of course that will work just as well, but these are my tried and true. 1. Anastasia of Beverly Hills brow gel, 2. brow wiz and 3. brow powder 4. Tweezerman dual sided pencil for highlighting

Step one: If you have time get your brows cleaned up by a professional so the shape is perfect for your face. They are a lot easier to fill in if they are in this condition.

Step two: Brush your brows down so you can see the natural line of your brow. Start with either the pencil or powder at the arch. Use small, gentle strokes to fill in the brow down to the tail. Most of the intensity in color should be in this area because we want the definition to be the greatest on the arch and tail. 

Tip: I use a pencil on brows that are more fine and need more definition. If you already have full brows and are looking for just a little bit of structure use powder in two colors so you can get the most natural finish

Step three: After you have filled in the arch and tail move to the top of the brow, closest to the nose, with the hairs still brushed down. Here you will want to use even a lighter hand. Using the same small strokes work your way along the top of the brow to meet the arch.

Step four: brush the brows in the normal direction so you can see where you are at. Then follow the bottom of the brow from nose to tail to complete the structure. Continue to brush the brows through so the powder or pencil blend with the hair. If you see you need a little more filled in, in spares areas then now is the time to do it.

Step five: Use a highlighter under and over the top of the arch to get that finished look. Blend with your finger. Using your finger here will help the product melt into the skin with the warmth of your body heat

Step six: set with a light brush through of brow gel to get all day wear!

Remember brows are sisters not twins ;) Tag me on instagram to show me your brow game!! @ellelearyartistry

This is an example of a client of mine and how we fill her brows in for a natural look!! I used pencil here in two complimentary colors.

This is an example of a client of mine and how we fill her brows in for a natural look!! I used pencil here in two complimentary colors.