Beauty on a Budget

If there's one thing I love, it's a good beauty steal. Sometimes it can be hard to find good quality products that aren't super pricy. My beauty blender is one of my favorite tools to use when applying face makeup, but i've always thought 20 bucks was a little pricy for this little sponge. Nonetheless, I've never complained about it because they're amazing. But, recently I found a sponge that's the same quality, but only $6! The Real Techniques complexion sponge. I was in Ulta and came across it and what intrigued me was the shape of it. It's similar to the beauty blender, but one of the sides is slanted and flat instead of round. Thought I'd give it a try and I haven't stopped using it since! I like the flat side of the sponge because it makes it easy to get right under the eyes when blending out concealer or setting the under eyes with a powder. Don't get me wrong, I still love my beauty blender and use it often, but if you're looking for an alternative for a fraction of the cost, the real techniques sponge is just as great! 

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