Growing up in San Diego, the “most beautifully city in the U.S.”, it’s only appropriate that Elle found herself drawn to the industry of makeup. In her teens, Elle began a dance studio with her mother and quickly found her passion for dance transforming into an obsession for makeup and beauty. Upon completing her degree in marketing, Elle formally began her career with Paris-based cosmetic company Make Up Forever. From there Elle expanded her knowledge of the beauty industry by managing two high-profile Los Angeles salons.

Since becoming a full-time makeup artist 10 years ago, Elle has become known for her passion for beauty and noted professionalism. She has developed a following who count on her for fresh, flawless and radiant faces for all media types and events. In addition to her well-known celebrity faces many of her clients are the young stars of Hollywood. Her work can be seen in publications from Teen Vogue to Bazaar to Foam.

Besides her top-level makeup and grooming skills, Elle also brings many qualities that make her the complete professional for any client. Beautiful, mediagenic, an active participant in all forms of social media and branding Elle strives to bring her passion for beauty to every client and job. Whether educating and teaching to learning cutting edge techniques and harvesting feedback Elle continuously demonstrates why clients not only love her work but all the other intangible qualities that make her who she is.

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Elle Leary